Associates, Partners, and In-House Counsel

Interviewing as an experienced attorney is totally different from the interviews you had when graduating from law school.  Even with top law school academics, law firm experience, or an impressive book of business, you are not being marketed to by a prospective law firm or corporation.  Now you need to learn how to market yourself.  As a Legal Recruiter of associates, partners and in-house counsel with over twenty years of experience, I guide and support attorneys who are making lateral or in-house moves, with strong knowledge of the legal market, opportunities and legal trends.


How ICP Services Help You

  • Learn what partners and in-house counsel are looking for in terms of your practice experience.
  • What questions will help you to assess the bottom line hiring needs of a position? What are the key demands hiring attorneys are hoping to find in the “ideal” candidate? Learn how to elicit this information proactively, and learn how to distinguish yourself with perfectly crafted examples of relevant experience.
  • Are you trying to shift you practice to another practice area, or are you applying to jobs where you don’t have the complete experience a law firm or corporation seeks? We show you how to leverage your practice experience in order to become a more relevant, attractive and marketable candidate.
  • Are you working in an environment that is not collegial or where you are experiencing problems? We guide you as to how to avoid answering questions on your interview where you might otherwise respond with statements reflecting negative experiences. We help you understand how to position your practice interests in relevant contexts.
  • Have you been passed over for partner? We show you how to position yourself so that you come from a position of strength when you interview with firms you are interested in.


Interview Coach Pro

A proud MEMBER of the National Associate of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC)

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Karen, thanks so much for helping me to get a handle on all of the experience I’d forgotten I’d had, and then helping me to learn how to present them in examples that were important to the managers who interviewed me.  Just having those examples at my fingertips gave me so much more confidence!

Kelly M., Delta Co.

Wow! Having worked with you I was no longer an anxious person waiting for that next shoe to drop with each question on my recent interviews. About to get an offer!

Max S., Attorney (Boston)

I really didn’t think that I could learn anything new. I’d interviewed so many applicants over the years. But when it came time for me to go out into the world and really be impactful on an interview, I became stuck. The work we did gave me a fresh outlook and really energized me. Thanks, Karen.

Kathy M., Fundraiser (Boston)